About Dalabelos Estate

A rejuvenating experience in Dalabelos Estate Greece

Located in the middle of Cretan land, Dalabelos estate is a top holistic agrotourism complex in southern Europe (Rethymnon Crete in Greece), designed to provide a unique wellness retreat along with a luxurious experience. Angeliana village is on a small hill on the northern coast of Crete Greece, around 5km away from famous Cretan beaches and at the foothill of mountain Ida (Psiloritis).

Dalabelos Estate

Our Land

Mountain Ida, Crete

The word “Ida” means lush and dense vegetation. Another etymology of the word “Ida” is “sight”, meaning that from the top of the mountain the visitor has full sight of the whole Cretan island. The whole region is ideal for wellness and wellbeing retreat as Ida is full of waters, gorges and caves. The morphology of the land with the hard stones and narrow passages explains why this place was the place that the spiritual human could turn into deity according to ancient Greeks.

Dalabelos Estate

The Complex

Dalabelos Estate is a complex of 10 studios, cottages and luxury apartments, a concept based on the healing properties of the land, the music and the food.

Staying in our wellness resort is not only about accommodation. While you will find yourself comfortable enjoying our cottages, luxury rooms and swimming pool, you will feel invited to participate in Dalabelos Estate concept which is an experience in itself.


The Food

Food plays a key role in our resort. From ingredient selection, (we grow our own vegetables on our farm) to the cooking process (our guests can participate in the gathering of vegetables and the whole food preparation procedure with our chef), the conceptualised idea is all about health. Dalabelos restaurant – with authentic Cretan cuizine is about wellbeing and wellness.

Dalabelos Estate

The Activities

Farming tours, olive oil gathering, vine harvest, wine process is among our top wellness experiences all creating a captivating setting for a retreat. All experiences are available for our resort guests and also for visitors.


The Music

Music is also present in the whole Dalabelos wellness resort. Every Thursday, a Cretan music instruments presentation workshop is being held on the premises of Dalabelos Estate. The founder of Dalabelos complex, Vasilis is a musician himself and the workshop is not only about music but also about history, tradition, customs and art. Music reveals secrets, helps human spirit travel through the ages – a true therapeutic property against stress – a retreat promise.


Agrotourism Resort in Rethymnon, Crete

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