A Top Gastronomic & Food Tourism Destination in Greece

The finest of cretan agricultural products, 1000 olive trees, 10 stone build cottages and villas, a fruit and orange orchard make Dalabelos your top gastronomy tourism destination in Greece.

Food or gastronomy tourism intertwines with cultural heritage.

The Dalabelos Estate gastronomic experience is all about tasting local cuisine whilst participating in activities closely related to the culture of Crete, and the national identity of the products.

The Dalabelos Food Experience

Over 80% of products used in Dalabelos kitchen are produced on our own farm. We pick up our finest ingredients ranging from vegetables, herbs, snails, olive oil, local cheese and marmelades and invite our guests to a real gastronomic experience.

For meat lovers, we offer sheep, lambs and rabbits – all locally-bred.

Our Farm - Your Food

The Dalabelos farming tours and activites are tightely connected to gastronomy and well being. Our guests have the chance to walk around the farm, pick up wild greens and vegetables which are used in our kitchen. Guests also collect herbs which are used in different forms of tea and beverages…

The Restaurant

Dalabelos’ kitchen is a vegetarian’s delight. There are several dishes of organic vegetables cooked in virgin olive oil, wild herbs, salads with fragrant herbs and spices, all of them prepared in the traditional Cretan way that helps to good health, well-being and long life…

Culinary Crete

Culinary Crete provides participants with opportunities for hands-on, inspirational culinary activity while moving at a vacation-friendly pace. Daily cooking classes, discussions, activities and excursions will be interspersed with plenty of free time to enjoy the sublime landscape and luxurious accommodations at Dalabelos Estate…

Dalabelos among the “Slow Food” movement supporters in Greece

Dalabelos Estate fully supports the philosophy of the slow food movement in Greece, as the gastronomic experience is also connected to the culinary traditions of our land and the cultural traditions of Crete. Food is grown locally and cooked thoughtfully, with appreciation…

Human Relations

During breakfast, lunch and dinner, during coffee time and while serving rounds of raki, people of different nationalities have the chance to enjoy a dialogue between cultures. Interesting information is exchanged, such as the condition of the roads to remote beaches, the beauty of a place hidden in the mountains or the unexpected discovery of a rare plant.

The personnel of Dalabelos is always there to answer all questions and to offer helpful tips for an enjoyable stay. They likewise give interesting information about the protection of the environment and the appreciation of Cretan society, which can only be fully understood by getting to know Crete’s history and mythology.

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