Vegetables & Herbs

The Dalabelos farming tours and activities are tightly connected to gastronomy and well being. Our guests have the chance to walk around the farm, pick up wild greens and vegetables which are used in our kitchen. Guests also collect herbs which are used in different forms of tea and beverages. Thyme, sage, throubi are among the herbs widely available on our farm. All herbs are dried and used in drink preparation.

Among other herbs, Cistus creticus is a special herb growing in Crete – also called Cistus ladanopherum or Ladanum.


Olive Oil & Molasses

Our olive oil is produced from our farm olives and is 100% certified. We also make molasses, a super food made of grape syrup.


Marmelades & Jams

Over 10 home-made marmalades are produced in small quantities on Dalabelos Estate. Depending on the time of the season which determines which flavour is on the table – our guest have the chance to taste our fruit jellies at their breakfast daily.

Some of our favorite jams and marmalades are made of orange, lemon, tangerine and figs. Lucky guests have also tried our loquat marmalade – a flavour someone cannot easily try anywhere else.

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